Better Burgers and Better Prices

Back in December, we asked you guys what you wanted to see from the Canteens in 2018. Part of the feedback was to see some more health conscious options added to the Brunch Menu(especially the midweek Monday-Thursday daytime menu). So, we’ve listened and done exactly that, you can find out more about our great new Healthy options, inc the Nourish Bowl and Green Benny by clicking here.

Another part of the feedback was that you’d actually like our Burgers to be a little smaller and the Buns to be a little less bready. Probably to give you more room for some Wines and space for that Chocolate Brownie and our awesome Loaded Fries.

So, with that in mind, we have switched to a slightly smaller (but no less lovely) Burger Bun and we’ve also trimmed down the size of the Patties. Not something we did lightly, as we know some of you will always want a MASSIVE Burger but actually on reflection, not being quite as stuffed is a good thing. It also allows more of the different flavours to shine through. Plus there is less wastage which is good for sustainability. (And for those of you wanting more, you can always add an extra patty or two!)

With the reduction in size comes a reduction in price which is always a nice thing to be able to do – we always use good quality produce and ingredients but food is super expensive in this day and age and therefore as a small independent business, without hefty buying power, it can be hard to be priced as keenly as we always would like. So, we’re always pleased when we can actually offer a bit more value back to you.

We’ve reduced the price (but not the quality!) of our 4 most popular Burgers,

Talking of Burgers, don’t forget that we recently launched our Evening Burger Club, get your card stamped and the 9th Burger is on us. And, that every Tuesday night is Burger Night – order any Burger and we’ll buy you a portion of Fries and a Drink. And during the Midweek Days, you can enjoy any Burger with Fries and a Soft Drink for £10. Click here for more details on all of our Deals.

And a final piece of burger news, we have a new Veggie Burger in development as we know the current one can polarise opinion somewhat. Some of you guys absolutely love it whilst others, not so much.

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