Canteen Creators' Club - Networking Night for Creatives in London

One of the reasons I started Ben’s Canteen was so that I could meet and work alongside other people creating inspiring businesses.

However, one thing I’ve learnt, is that starting your own business can be lonely and it’s actually quite hard to meet creative people, especially around SW London. And yet, when you do meet, you can start exciting new partnerships, get inspired and also find people to solve business problems you’ve been wrestling with for ages.

I don’t feel there is enough connected creativity around SW London and yet there are lots of people making things and doing exciting things. The Canteen Creators Club Night is an opportunity for people to connect, potentially to dream up new ideas and form new partnerships.

The night is for anyone creating, so it could be someone who has started their own business (or thinking about it), it could be a graphic designer, a marketer, a coder, a florist, a hot sauce maker, a photographer, you name it, we want you to come down.

On the night, you can meet me and ask me about starting a restaurant and crowd funding.
And you can meet Jess of Jessica Mary Design ( who does a-mazing Millinery and Jewellery and ask her all about it.

No speeches or pitches, just rock up, grab a drink and start chatting to someone, as and when you feel comfortable.

Mark yourself as attending on our Facebook Event page and I’ll buy you your first drink on the night. Plus we’ll be running some Drink Deals to help get you chatting.

See you on the 29th May!


And don’t forget, at the Canteens, we have a Co-Working Community, members get to network and enjoy Canteen discounts,

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