Restaurants are tough. Most of us visit them at weekends though when they’re busy and assume they must be making a killing. How much for Smashed Avo?! I’m sometimes guilty of the same thoughts.

However, go visit on a rainy Monday daytime and you might start to think otherwise. Throw in ever rising costs and Brexit bollocks (resulting in a reduction in spending and consumer confidence) and you’ll find that very few venues are making a killing. In fact, most are probably making a loss.

And with this background, unfortunately, I’ve decided we need to trim our opening hours at the Earlsfield Canteen. There are also too many daytime venues and seemingly the pie isn’t big enough for everyone. In the last 2 years there have been a huge amount of daytime offerings open up, including lots of big name brands. There are now more coffee shops than estate agents in Earlsfield, and there are a lot of agents!

Earlsfield revised opening hours,

Members of our Co-Working Community, Ben At Work, can go to our Clapham Junction Canteen which continues to be open for daytimes throughout the week.

Sorry about the changes but it’s the prudent thing to do in the current climate. Hopefully in the future we can reassess, we’d rather be open all day, every day but the numbers have to stack up. Also, a quick (slightly preachy) reminder, everyone loves the idea of local independent businesses but you have to make sure you support them. Of course, they have to be good enough to deserve that support but the more they’re supported, the better they’ll be. In turn, they’ll then make the local area more vibrant, making it an even better place to live. These factors together will then attract more independent businesses and things will get even better. Shop small, shop local, love local.

Ps, if you need to get a bottle of our Earlsfield Gin (Bloody Bens Signature Gin) during the day Mon-Thurs then go see the good folk at Dugard & Daughters – who are a great example of a cracking small business.

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