Free Bottle of Wine With Our New Autumn Dinner Menu

Free Bottle of Wine With Our New Autumn Dinner Menu

Over the last few months we’ve been focusing and upgrading our Evening Burger offering but now with the arrival of Autumn, our new Dinner menu goes beyond Burgers.

And we’re giving you the opportunity to enjoy it with a Free Bottle of Wine with our Facebook offer – click here to claim.

Why the new dinner menu? Our focus is on Burgers, Wine and Brunch and over the last few months, we’ve been working really hard on the Burgers which has led to us introducing a new Dray Aged Beef Patty with Chuck and Brisket and a lovely new Burger Bun. With these super tasty upgrades in place we wanted to stretch beyond Burgers, to give you guys more dishes with which to try our Wines with and to also help serve you better as your neighbourhood restaurant (in Clapham Junction/St John’s Hill and Earlsfield). We know that as a neighbourhood hangout you want us to cater for a few more “non-burger” moments and to have a bit more variety – the new dinner menu does exactly this.

We’ve got a new Flat Iron Steak with Chips, Chimmichurri, Cress and Tomato, we’ve got a lovely Smoked Haddock with Poached Egg, Potato & Courgette Rosti and Spinach, we have a new Vegan, Gluten Free Salad featuring Roasted Squash, a Chicken Parma with lots of indulgent melted Mozzarella and a comforting Chicken, Leek and Bacon Pot Pie.


We also have new starters/snacks, like Halloumi Fries, Boneless Chicken Strips and homemade Hummus with Flatbreads. Enjoy them all with a Free Bottle of Wine via Facebook or as part of our £18 Meal Deal from 5-7.30pm.

Click here to book in now.

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