National Vegetarian Week at Ben’s Canteen

A lot of you probably think of the Canteens are pretty meaty places and to an extent you’d be right, we specialise in Burgers, we’ve got that Scotch Egg, those Loaded Fries and we do a cracking Steak and Chips, not forgetting Brunch classics like our Fried Chicken Benedict.

However, we’ve also got loads of Meat Free options, so we thought, what with it being National Vegetarian Week, that we’d take a moment to highlight some of our Veggie Offerings.

On the Dinner Menu we’ve got Halloumi Fries, which are one of our most popular Small Plates/Starters.

We’ve also got Roasted Cauliflower & Aubergine,

and Rigatoni Pasta with Romesco Sauce,

and a delicious Nourish Bowl amongst a whole bunch of other options, click here to check out the Dinner Menu.

On the Burger front, we have two Veggie Burgers, our Cheese Bomb (4 Cheese Patty, Bloody Bens Tomato Relish, Garlic Mayo and Pickled Red Onions) and our Bahji Burger (which is also Vegan).

It’s not just Dinner where we have lots of Vegetarian options, our Brunch Menu is also packed with delicious Meat Free dishes, including our Acai Bowl,

our Grilled Banana, Salted Caramel Pancakes,

and our Green Benny.

Click here to check out the Brunch Menu and click here to make a booking at either our Earlsfield or Clapham Junction Canteens

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