New Soft Drinks and Non-Alcoholic Options for Clapham Junction and Earlsfield



New Soft Drinks and Non-Alcoholic Options for Clapham Junction and Earlsfield

Here at Ben’s Canteen, our mission is to create lovely Neighbourhood Hangouts, where you enjoy an informal Dinner or an indulgent Brunch, or just pop in for a bit of escapism and a quick Drink during the Day or at Night.

We’ve got a lovely new Wine list, brilliant Spanish style G&Ts and cracking Cocktails, as well as a range of Craft Beers – all of which can be enjoyed at Happy Hour, 5-7pm, every Monday to Friday.

But we wanted to up our range of Soft Drinks, we know that life is busy, there are less opportunities to Drink booze. We also know that for a lot of you, you don’t want Alcohol and regardless of your stance, you all want a wider range of Non-Alcholoic Beverages.

With that in mind, we’ve just added, Ugly flavoured Sparkling Water, we’ve gone with their Orange and Triple Berry flavours.

MOJU Shots

Then to boost your experience at the Canteens, we’ve got Ginger and Turmeric Cold Pressed Juice Booster shots from MOJU.

As well as these exciting new Soft Drinks at both our Earlsfield and Clapham Junction Canteens, we have delicious Tea from Joe’s Tea Co (and we’ve now added their Decaf and Rooibos), Coffee from Extract Coffee Roasters, fresh Juice and Smoothies, a range of ethical Fizzy Drinks from Karma Kola and Nanny State Beer from BrewDog. If there is a Drink you’d like us to add then please email

It’s not just our Drinks menu where we’ve introduced new options, our Food Menus now have more Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free options, offering you more opportunities to have a balanced and alt lifestyle at your neighbourhood restaurant.

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