New to Ben's Canteen, Loaded Fries



New to Ben’s Canteen, Loaded Fries

We recently improved our fries (chips), using a new variety of potato which we think has a better flavour plus they have a crispier exterior and we’ve adjusted the thickness of the cut to give you more potato. To our mind, these are all crucial elements to serving better fries.

Now, we’re happy with the fries, it’s time to totally pimp them up and create a new section on our dinner menu; Loaded Fries.

We’ve got 4 dishes, all of which have been debated at length, constantly asking ourselves, what else can we do to make them even tastier (and more indulgent)? We’d love to know what you think, share your thoughts on Twitter or via a pic on Instagram.

Cheesy Chips

First up, our take on a classic; Cheesy Chips. We’ve used 4 different types of cheese, to create a blend that gives you flavour and that lovely stringiness. Then we got to thinking, some people just love dirty cheesy chips. So, the next step in our quest to make brilliant Cheese Fries? Add Nacho Cheese Sauce on top of our 4 cheese blend. Then add a dusting of paprika and a handful of jalapeños and we believe you’ve got yourself some of the very best Cheesy Chips in London and beyond.

Fried Chicken Buffalo Fries

We started off thinking, lets make some epic Fries with Buffalo Sauce. Then we thought, how can we make them even better? Ranch sauce, yes and Blue Cheese, yes, but what else? The answer became clear, and afterwards, seemed so obvious, add Fried Chicken!

Think about it, Fries, topped with Fried Chicken that has been tossed in homemade Buffalo Sauce and then smeared with our house Ranch Sauce, and then to finish, in amongst this hot mess we’ve crumbled Blue Cheese. It’s a good indulgent thought isn’t it?!  Come discover how good the reality is, nightly, from 5pm.

Chips with Chip Shop Curry Sauce & Battered Sausage

A guilty pleasure of some of the Canteen crew (and definitely Ben) is Chip Shop Curry Sauce. Rather than keep this in the shadows, we’ve decided to celebrate it and share with you its soul soothing qualities. Then we thought, well Chips slathered in our take on Chip Shop Curry Sauce is a mighty fine addition to the menu but can we make them even tastier?

We thought about the Germans and their amazing Currywurst (chips topped with curry sauce and chopped sausage) and how popular it is and then we realised, hang on, there is an English version of this… lets add Battered Sausage! So, using the humble Chippy as inspiration we’ve created an English take on Currywurst which we think rocks, Chips with Chip Shop Curry Sauce and Battered Sausage. Come try it any night of the week, from 5pm.

Inside fact: growing up, Ben hated fish (no longer the case) and would always have Battered Sausage instead. He certainly didn’t think that one day he’d have started 2 restaurants serving chips topped with curry sauce and chopped up battered sausage. He is though thrilled at such an outcome.

Korean Chicharrones

Asian food is always a big influence at the Canteen, as is Mexican style food, so we’re thrilled to combine them to create our Chicharrones.

That’s Fries topped with Pork Belly that has been rubbed in spices and then oven cooked; come order time, it is sliced, diced and put in the fryer for crunch. To that we’ve added Kimchi, Crispy Seaweed, Garlic Mayo and Korean Hot Sauce. The umami count is out of control and helps explain why it’s so hard to not have another forkful. These are meant to be a sharing side dish but that is hard to do, you’re better off going big and just selfishly ordering a portion for yourself!

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