The Perfect Drink For Dry January


For those of you who are abstaining from booze (not something we at the Canteen are capable of, January is miserable enough, we think a booze-up with friends is the perfect antidote) and doing Dry January, we’ve got a wide range of Soft Drinks, Teas & Coffees, Hot Chocolate and Mocktails but we think the perfect drink is a Virgin Bloody Mary (or Bloody Pointless as we call it).

The good news is that you can make it at home, as well as at the Canteen, as the secret to making a brilliant alcohol free Bloody Mary is to use Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix.

Don’t forget, this isn’t just a perfect Brunch cocktail/mocktail, it’s also great as an aperitif before Dinner, especially if you’re treating yourself to Steak and Chips or a Juicy Burger.

If you’re making the Bloody Pointless at home, then grab a glass, add some ice and throw in,

40ml Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix
25ml Fresh Lemon Juice
125ml Tomato Juice
Stir for two seconds, garnish with a celery stick and a slice of lemon and you’ve got yourself a delicious Spiced Tomato Juice and the best Dry January drink.

You can buy a bottle of Bloody Bens from the Canteens, or find your closest stockist by clicking here or indeed buy a bottle online and get it delivered. Get a 15% discount this January in the online shop by using the code JANUARY at checkout.

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