The Pickled Ben – New Burger Alert

The Pickled Ben

New burger alert!

We’ve teamed up with The Pickle House to create a limited edition burger (July only) called The Pickled Ben.

Inspired by thoughts of the 4th July, we got to thinking about all things America. Then we started to thing about those NYC delis, like Katz’s Deli and their Salt Beef and Reubens. We were also on the look out for some banging Pickles which is why we’ve collaborated with The Pickle House.

It’s addictively tasty,

It’s available every night from 5pm and is included in our 2 Courses and Drink for just £15 meal deal.

Finally, a top tip for you, to complete the experience, order it up with a Pickleback (that’s a shot of whisky chased by a shot of The Pickle House pickle juice!).

Click here to book in to try The Pickled Ben now, remember, it’s only available during July.

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